General Fund
Join with us in investing in eternity by giving to our general fund, which funds our operating expenses and allows 100% of the book royalties to be given away to worthy ministries.
You can also give to one of EPM's special funds and projects knowing 100% of all contributions will go to carefully chosen ministries.
Nanci Alcorn Memorial Fund
100% of donations to this fund will be given in honor of Nanci to ministries she loved and supported.
Books for Prisoners Project
We give away thousands of Randy’s books to prisoners and chapel libraries. Donations are used to finance the cost of books and materials, as well as shipping charges.
Disabilities Fund
Assisting those who are disabled through worthy disability ministries.
Family Fund
Promoting the family's cause and helping specific needy families through established reputable organizations.
Legal Defense Fund
Assisting those in legal difficulty because they are upholding biblical principles.
Magazine Printing Project
Our Eternal Perspectives magazine will always be free. But we invite you to donate to help with printing costs.
Missions Fund
Evangelizing and discipling the world's unreached.
Persecuted Church Fund
Aiding Christians around the world who are suffering for their faith.
Pro-Life Fund
Intervening, with truth and compassion, for unborn babies and their mothers.
Racial Unity Fund
Fostering interracial understanding, partnership, and unity in the Body of Christ.
Relief Fund
Helping in Christ's name the unfed, unclothed, unsheltered, and genuinely poor.
Salt and Light Fund
Promoting truth, moral sanity, justice, and compassion in a post-Christian society.

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